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A Red Wig Like Mommy

Last night during her bath, Angelina’s hair finally began to fall out. I wasn’t prepared at all, as I had thought that it wasn’t until her NEXT chemo that it would….I understood wrong. It starts now, but will be gone by the end of the next round. Angelina has said that she wants a pink wig, a purple wig, a wig like her own hair and a red wig like mommy….we’ll see what the next steps are. DON’T CHOP YOUR HAIR YET. But thank you to all the people willing to donate to her!


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Coming Home Again!

Good news! She not only finished her pot holder but our prayers have been answered and she’s recovered enough to go home this afternoon!


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Support Angelina at the West Orange Street Fair!

Looking for a way to help out? Visit the Diva Jordans Boutique today at the West Orange Street Fair and pick up a “Fight Is On” Bow! The proceeds from the bows will go toward helping to cover Angelina’s care – Small bow $5, large bow $6, cheer bow $7. Plus there will be flyers for those who want to help us hand them out to raise awareness! AFTER you buy your bow, please send us a photo of you or your child wearing the bow so we can add it to our NEW Angelina’s Army Photo Album! Have a GREAT day (P.S. We are STILL in the hospital!)970240_632377956789972_1406233559_n

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ANGELINA UPDATE! Angelina will be staying in the hospital until Monday/Tuesday. Her fever is beginning to come down, and once she is fever FREE for 24 hours, she will be sent home! Keep up the prayers and thoughts, you’re working wonders!

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Prayers are needed today! Angelina has been doing great, but last night she began to run a fever (a serious thing as her immune system is compromised by the Chemo). She was re-admitted to St. Barnabas last night to determine the cause and stop the fever. Prayers are greatly appreciated!



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She is officially HOME from round 1 of chemo! We have two great was for you to help her! Contact to donate your potential garage sale items For the River Edge town wide garage sale OR visit the West Orange street fair on the 26th and buy a “fight neuroblastoma” bow or head band from the Diva Jordan Boutique! The fight IS on!943584_630360416991726_739612648_n

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“Ok Doc, sounds like a plan. You treatment my bad cells, and I’ll keep drawing sun flowers.”



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First Treatment Down!

Her first treatment is OVER! 45 minutes and she did GREAT, she played, ate lunch, did arts and crafts and cuddle with daddy!



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This afternoon we begin chemo! Thank you all so much you your thoughts and prayers. The wonderful child life department at St. Barnabas gave her a pink medical kit for her to exam her “medical play” bear “big foot”. She says he’s gonna make it!



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Last Test Before Chemo

From Danielle R. Phillips

Today is Angelina’s FINAL test before we begin Chemotherapy tomorrow! This test, MIGB, will allow her daughters to see EVERY cancer cell in her body and give us a baseline to measure her progress. You can take a moment to learn more about it here. MIBG scintiscan

Please keep our Angelina is your thoughts today!



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