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Dancing with Daddy!

“Do the dip! Do the dip!” She loves dancing with her daddy! Day 2 of our third treatment and she’s still holding strong. And with luck we’ll be home Monday!


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Chemo Round 3!

And we’re on to round 3 of chemo! She’s all checked in at St. Barnabas Medical Center, and ready to go. A few hours of hydration and then her first treatment of this cycle. She has 2 more regular rounds after this, a surgery, a final round of chemo to knock our her bone marrow (and hopefully her cancer with it) and then a stem cell rescue, followed by 6 months of isolation. What does she want to do when she’s better? Go on the Carnival Breeze fromCarnival Cruise Lines! So here we come in August 2014 to celebrate her 5th Birthday and her win against cancer. Who’s with us?


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Stem Cell Rescue Complete!

Great news! We got enough stems cells that we can be released as soon as surgical can remove the line! Then off tomorrow to St. Barnabas for round 3 of chemo!1000187_648692995158468_2103818830_n

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Lines In!

UPDATE – She’s out, not happy about the line, but fine. We’re still waiting for the collection to start. On a side note – Angelina wants to see DESPICABLE ME. If you have it on DVD, or a digital file that we can borrow please let me know! She’s obsessed with the little minion guy I picked up at the fair! Thanks so much! We’ll share a video as soon as we get it edited! It’ll be worth the wait!

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Stem Cell Collection Starting Today!

Waiting to go down for surgery to install the heavier line for the stem cell harvest. Then the collection starts right away, and tonight we’ll find out if we have enough or have to collect more tomorrow…hoping to be home tomorrow!



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The Count is Good!

And with that Angelina and “minion” are admitted!! We will keep you posted…surgery in the am to put in the line for the harvest, then the harvest itself, and with luck removing the line and coming home! Cross your fingers more please!



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Stem Cell Harvest

Today Angelina goes in to hopefully finally have a high enough count for her stem cell harvest. Please keep your fingers crossed! Thank you to everyone who supported our Charlie Browns dine-in events! They were a great success and we can’t thank you enough! We’ll keep you posted on how she’s doing throughout the day.



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Thank you Charlie Browns and Everyone Who Came Out!

Thank you to everyone who supported our Charlie Browns dine-in events! They were a great success and we can’t thank you enough!


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Remember! Charlie Browns supports Angelina’s Army!!

This Tuesday June 17 at 11:30 am at ANY Charlie Browns through to this Thursday at midnight, whatever meal you take there remember to mention “ANGELINA’S ARMY” so 20% of your check goes toward getting her better! Pass it along and bring friends!!!

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Smiles it’s Thursday!

Smiles it’s Thursday! Off to the doctor for counts and updates on my stem cell harvest! Jazz hands for everyone! — with Angelina.



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