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Make a Donation and have a Great Meal at Charlie Browns!

New AND improved game face. Thanks to the support of our friends we have a lot of great ways for you to get a night out and support Angelina coming up! It all starts NEXT Tuesday at 11:30 am at ANY Charlie Browns and ends THURSDAY at midnight. Whatever meal you take there remember to mention “ANGELINA’S ARMY” so 20% of your check goes toward getting her better! Pass it along and bring friends! — with Angelina.



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Thank You All

Angelina is home, and we are so thankful for all the prayers, hot meals and gifts that we have received. We are so fortunate to have amazing friends to be a rock to lean on in hard times, and can never repay you but will never forget and never stop trying to. We are also thankful to the generosity of strangers who have sent gifts, and made donations. Remember that you can still buy an Angelina’s Army bracelet. Contact DCS Chocolates for more details. We will continue to keep you updated! Thank you all so much!


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Happy to be home!



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Home soon

Finger’s Cross! Angelina is coming home tonight! We’ll have more updates later today after we talk to the doctor.

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Angelina’s Army wristbands

If you haven’t seen these, please contact DCS Chocolates (Tanya Quirk) directly for info on how to get one! For an update! She’s doing GREAT! Last night she let us cut off the giant knot that had been her remaining hair, and she’s doing GREAT with it. They let her keep the hair in a bag that they are turning into a purse with lots of stickers on it. She’s had two rounds of chemo this cycle and is responding well – she’s happy, talkative and coloring/crafting up a storm. We promise to have photos up tomorrow for you!



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Round 2!

Her royal highness’ matched luggage! (Like if you get the reference). In for round two of chemo! Blow kisses! — with Sandy Edelman and Danielle Renee Phillips.



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Picnic Time!

Angelina wanted a picnic in between her appointments with Daddy and Poppy! (Don’t judge the food, it’s the only restaurant food her oncologist said she can eat! )

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Stem Cell “Rescue”

Today we head to Hackensack University Medical Center to discuss Angelina’s stem cell “rescue” (cause they’re using her own) and her stem cell transplant at the end of her treatment. Doesn’t that just blow your mind? It’s amazing how far medicine has come!



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Kia Sophia “Angelina’s Army” Jewelry Fundraiser

Thank you to Jenn Crane Turner, and Jana Levison for putting together a Lia Sophia sale to help benefit Angelina! Please share this with you friends to help spread awareness and score some beautiful Jewelry to benefit Angelina!
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