After her scans last week, Her doctor’s wanted a closer more detailed look at the spots on her spine. These spots are spots she’s had from initial diagnosis. These spots were why we were denied continuation of her initial clinical trial. Praying that the more detailed scan reveals SCAR TISSUE. I would like to think if it were possible on any day, it would be on LEAP YEAR! That’s what we’re praying for! In the meantime, thank you so much to Reese’s Hair Pieces for her AMAZING knit bun for the beautiful bun wraps! And be sure to check out The Keep Collective fundraiser that is going on to help off set our continued (and seemingly never ending) medical bills. Thank you as always for your love, your support, and your prayers. They mean the WORLD TO US. Almost 3 years our baby has been battling cancer – some breaks, some easier times, but always with a smile. That’s thanks to you!

from Angelina’s Army

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