March 2015 – March 2016 can be summed up as this – Kid sends cancer into remission, kid breaks leg in freak circus accident, kid recovers. Kid graduates from Kindergarten. Kid relapses with cancer. Kid gets ass kicked by chemo. Kid reminds cancer that she may be only 6 but is a complete bad ass. Kid shows cancer that hair is overrated, and chemo is outdated and gets put into NEW human antibody clinical trial. #micdrop Needless to say – our prayers were answered. Antibody therapy here we come! Please don’t be confused….This is NOT remission – and we will not stop till we’re there. It’s a LONG road ahead. Chemo was just the first stepping stone to getting the cancer manageable. Now that it’s in check, we have to send in the calvary to do battle on a cellular level. Thank you for all your love, your prayers, and being with us. We should have a leap year more often! To learn more about antibody therapy, read this article

from Angelina’s Army

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