We are truly blessed- Angelina is a preschool graduate! Last year when she was diagnosed, we were afraid she would miss the whole year…miss graduation or worse. To have her not only go to school, but finish the year brought tears to our eyes and filled our hearts with joy. It would not have been possible without the support of the Thelma K. Reisman Preschool of Beth El, and Sandy Sachs the preschool director, Rabbi Roston (aka “wabbi woston”) her teachers- Renee, Irina, Jenn, Amy, Lori, Judith and Rose and the entire staff there. Or without the help of our incredible doctors- Dr. Stacey Rifkin, and Dr. Narang, and Dr. Kushner. And our incredible nurses (special love to our nurses at Saint Barnabas Medical Center.) And lastly without your prayers. We have a long road ahead- 3 more years but together we can do this! Thank you so much- please let us know if we can ever repay you in your time of need.

from Angelina’s Army http://ift.tt/1ktf4Nn

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