A Few weeks ago Angelina had a chance to take a tour of the New state of the art 911 call center and Emergency Management in Monmouth County. There we met K9 Officer Evan, a narcotics dog, and his partner, Sheriff’s Officer Kroeper. We were very sad to learn that a few days earlier, Evan was diagnosed with lymphoma. With a distinguished career that has resulted in over $1 million dollars of narcotics recovery, it was uncertain what would happen to Evan. The county has decided to use money from the k9 veterinary budget to help fund his treatment, but we know the crippling costs of chemo therapy, and the budget money is also there to support other k9 officers health needs. So we are asking our friends to help to ensure that Evan can receive the treatment he needs. Evan is not only a sweet dog, but a fine k9 Officer who has protected and served with dedication and always a wagging tail. And at 7 years old, he still has a lot of serving time ahead. Here is a great article on Evan and you can find out more about donations there or use the address in the photo above. http://ift.tt/TvxSWl

from Angelina’s Army http://ift.tt/VmXBSq

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