This has been a long journey and I am going to share my biggest regret – when Angelina was born, I was offered a tremendous discount by a ViaCord rep to save her cord blood. At the time I believe it was a waste of money- until my oncologist asked if we had saved ours as Angelina now needed it for a stem cell transplant. We were also told that because of our ethnic background, we would never find a donor in the public bank, as donated blood from mixed families is usually thrown away. And surprise, public banks are not really “public” they cost over $20k just to apply. Angelina’s stem cell harvest is a process I still have nightmares over- her screaming with shots, her fussing with the port in her groin for harvest, and while cord blood banking was $2,000 at the time, her stem cell harvest cost almost $300,000. (That’s 5 zeros). Tonight if you live near Hillsdale, New Jersey, and ARE OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS EXPECTING A BABY, there is a FREE info dinner at 6:30 at Seasons Catering and Special Events. There is no obligation to bank, no “pay now” pressure. I just ask that if you can make it, please come and learn and make a more informed decision than I did. I always thought “those things happen to “other people”. I’m proof that those people can be your daughter, your sister, your niece, your friend, your colleague, your (fill in the blank). So- hoping to see you tonight.

from Angelina’s Army

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