PLEASE SHARE- The other day at the Seaside Heights, New Jersey boardwalk (Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach) Angelina wanted to go on a ride that she needed a “responsible adult.” Her brother didn’t want to go, so I asked the Man in this photo to take her on the ride (he was going on with his son.) He went above and beyond for her. He helped her take off her crocs, he buckled her in (and gave up sitting next to his own son to take her on), and even held her hand. I am trying to find this man to say “THANK YOU! She loved the ride and said making her ‘new friend’ was her favorite part of the day. You are truly an amazing person. Thank you so much. I wish I had had the chance to say more the other day, it all just happened so fast.” Please share this in hopes that he may see it.

from Angelina’s Army

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