This has been a tumultuous week. As many of you know, we were suppose to be starting chemo on Wednesday. However, we received a call that her follow up cat scan on Monday appeared to show possible new disease on her liver. The doctors at Hackensack believed that it had metastasized to her liver. We were beside ourselves. We were angry that we had come so far, and it didn’t seem to be good enough. We were worried about fitting in everything she still wants to do. We were freaking out more because the spots grew so quickly. They hadn’t been there when we did the original scan two weeks ago. We were panicking that we didn’t have much time. Making it even worse is that Angelina has been feeling great. She went for the end of camp, went swimming, played with her cousins. And we were nervous about how to tell you all that… Well… Thank god the team at Sloan wanted to repeat the test. After a repeat scan, they determined that it was FUNGUS. So she’ll be continuing the anti fungal meds. This week has taught us two very valuable lessons. 1. Live. Do EVERYTHING. Don’t wait, cause there will never be a good time. Your time can be over at any moment, whether you’re ready or not. 2. Always get a second opinion. Celebrating life tonight at Keansburg Amusement Park and Runaway Rapids Waterpark. AND later drinking… Lots of drinking. And sleeping, cause we haven’t done that in days.

from Angelina’s Army

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