Health insurance question/advice needed. Our insurance through Angelina’s dad’s work is about to go up $400/month. They offered us two plans. Cigna gold or bronze. The out of pocket deductible for gold is about $3600 Bronze is $9300 for in network. Out of network on gold is $18k out of pocket deductible for the year vs $60k for bronze. (Yes, you read that right). Co pays are lower for bronze for general stuff, but higher for emergency (which are waived if We’re asked which is what usually happens to us anyway). We’re really unsure of what to do. We aren’t sure if the hospitals we use accept Cigna, at the same time, the extra cost for less coverage than we currently have isn’t exactly selling us on the gold Cigna plan either. We’re talking $24k a year in increases and deductibles if they’re out of network best case scenario. Our portion of our insurance would go from $900 now, to $1300 with LESS coverage even on gold. Do we stick it out, or step down to bronze and hope everything is in network? What have your experiences been through the insurance exchange? Do you feel the coverage is more or less comprehensive than that through a group? Or is it going to be more money and stress?. We already owe the hospital hundreds of thousands of dollars that we’re trying to appeal but aren’t getting anywhere. We just don’t want to wind up digging a deeper hole. We’re a family of 4, obviously Angelina has cancer but the rest of us are reasonably in good health. Thanks you in advance for the input.

from Angelina’s Army

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