Longer update- this has been a rough two weeks. Angelina was hospitalized since last Tuesday with a fever. She was finally released this past Tuesday but is having severe pain from a cavity. Unfortunately her counts are not high enough to remove the tooth (it’s a baby tooth), so she has to wait, and since Angelina is having scans next week to see if her treatment is making progress (prayers needed) it’ll be even longer. And since we’ve waited over 3 weeks for the scan appointments it’ll be a few days before her tooth is resolved. On the home front, we thought we were moving next week. However, due to a tax issue from 2013 (long story) our mortgage is not able to go through. By the time we could resolve it, it’ll be 2016 and we will just use our 2015 taxes. We offered to lease purchase the home from the seller until the spring when our tax issue is resolved, but they have said no (please don’t bash them. A home is the largest asset many of us will ever own, and their circumstances dictate the need for an out right sale). So we’re living in boxes. We debated moving for three minutes, before we realized the emotional toll two moves would have in the children (move to a rental, then a move to a new permanent home) And decided that it’s not realistic, and would only hurt them more. So we are going to stay here. Adding to it I’ve been dealing with my own personal health issues, so it has just made this week that much harder as I’m trying to recover, work and stay on target. Right now we need help. We need to unpack. To make life in this small apartment work, we need someone who can help organize and dramatically declutter this space (cue HGTV). If anyone is or knows someone that fits that description at a reasonable rate, please contact me ASAP. Today I frankly feel like Crap. I’m really upset because I really loved that house, and am in a bit of a funk. Hopefully next week our scans will give better news. At least tomorrow I get to show you all how freaking cute Angelina is gonna look for Halloween. Thank you so much! http://ift.tt/1RuvhZ1

from Angelina’s Army http://ift.tt/1NdKpXq

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