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About Angelina –
From the beginning Angelina was a little fighter. Her mom had a tough pregnancy, and in the end Angelina was born almost 5 weeks early. When she was born, the doctors had cautioned her parents that she might come out incredibly small, weak and not able to breath on her own. However, she came out a whopping 6 lbs 12 oz, and only needed a day on CPAP before the doctor said she was fine enough to breath on her own. At 3 months old, she weighed almost 20 lbs (the girl likes to eat…).
She hit all of her milestones a little ahead, but that’s cause all she’s ever wanted to do is keep pace with her big brother, Aidan. If Aidan was eating cheerios, Angelina (despite having no teeth) had to at least have them in front of her… Angelina quickly learned to use an iPad (although we’re not sure what child hasn’t in this day/age) and developed a strong love of “Angry Birds”. She also loves to surf YouTube and watch toy reviews made by other children.
You may also not know this – but Angelina considers herself to be a Disney Princess. However, she can’t figure out if she looks more like Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel or Cinderella (so why not be all of them?) She loves swim lessons and ballet/tap and can’t wait to go back once her treatment is done.
Angelina has been fighting to live (against nature…against her brother….) since the day she was born. And we know that she still has plenty of fight in her yet. Neuroblastoma is looking for trouble…
Angelina Flower girl

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  • PhyllisGrossman  says:

    Hope she will be alright during the treatments. They are not easy to say to deal with the side affects. I’m sure she is a strong little girl and wants to be with her brother. I just finished all my treatments and feeling a lot stronger and cancer free. Hope you guys are okay. love to all.

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